Big Kid Books (Ages 3-5)

So while I am definitely not an expert - I am a parent - and I feel being a parent gives *some* authority on what the best things are for MY kids.  Big C is an avid reader - since the age of oh birth - she has LOVED books we have tons and tons laying around (okay they are neatly on a book shelf) so I thought I would pass along what have become some of her favorites from about last year through now (she is 4) and that I think will continue on for the next few years. Our favorites series, authors, or books:

1. I Can Read Series: These delightful stories come in single story version or complete series sets (above).  They include classics like Rainbow Fish and Amelia Bedelia and new stories such as Biscuit.  Both Big and Little C love these stories and they progress from pre-reader through chapter books.  A must have for kids this age!

2. John Muth: Detailed water color painting inspire conversation and artistic endeavors, couple this with wise stories and what a combo.  While most of his stories are based upon ancient Chinese proverbs (which are somewhat over a child's knowledge) it sparks great conversation and gets minds enquiring from an early age.  Big C asks to read these books at least once a day!

3. Dr. Seuss: What list would be complete without Dr. Seuss!  We love all Dr. Seuss books - rhyming is so much fun and makes books easy to memorize.  The girls love reciting Dr. Seuss stories and it helps them gain confidence in reading.  We also love the new spins of Dr. Seuss by authors trying to continue his work!

4. Curious George:  Margaret HA Rey has amazing talent at taking one little monkey and creating delightful stories of childish curiosity leading children to giggle and laugh while reading stories of things only they would try to do!  We have read many a Curious George story before trying something new - it keeps the curiosity somewhat in check!

5. Disney Story Time Books:  Classic Disney stories plus the characters we love in thrilling new adventures.  We have over 15 different versions of these books and they make for a great story time. We often read a story then reenact it - The Hubs also loves to read them at bedtime as we just read one story a night and it lasts us about a month.  My girls don't watch TV very often but they know their Disney stories!


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