Garden Update

Okay I am playing around with what day of the week I am going to post our garden updates...and finding it is quite hard to remember to weigh and take pictures of our harvests - must get better at this!  Anyways we got three huge artichokes this week:

Fresh Artichokes from the garden!

A cooked artichoke (because I forgot to photograph it first)

And one that is not pictured!
Here is an interesting tidbit for you - pincher bugs LOVE my artichoke plants and have apparently decided to breed in them.  Each artichoke is thoroughly washed and we watch as 5-8 pincher bugs get flushed down the drain - ewwwwwwww.  Everyone is under strict orders to run the artichokes straight to the sink after picking them.

Any who we have a total approximate weight of: 2.2 lbs of artichokes this week!

What are you growing this season?


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