I LOVE decorating cakes and making unique creations for my girl's birthdays and other events.  Now with a two and three year old in my house I don't have a ton of time to make fancy fondant cakes but I try to make cute ones. 

My sister in law so graciously gave me this cake pan (follow the link to see it) - she shares my love of cake decorating and her creations are absolutely awesome.  Any who I used my new cake pan to make Little C's number 2 cake:

Isn't it adorable!  I love how it turned out considering she picked it out and kept trying to take the decorating tools from me.  Other than baking the whole things took less than 10 minutes yahoo for an awesome quick cake!  And yes my baby is 2 - two - 2 oh how time flies.  She is a big girl now and love holding up two fingers so she can let everyone know how old she is!

Thanks for reading,

Ash of All Trades


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