Welcoming Fall!

Good morning everyone!  So my hubby surprised me this weekend with a wonderfully amazing present:

Yep a Cricut Expression!  (it was over half off and comes with 3 cartridges - amazing deal - way to go Hubs) of course once he told me I had to call around trying to find it since everyone is pretty much sold out.
Alas I found one and drove like a maniac to pick it up (yes those of you who know me know that means I went the speed limit!)  As soon as I got home I had to try it right away and got to work on this project:

Making our hall closet door more festive!

This is the door before I got a hold of it!

I started by cutting out the letters in size 11.5
This much larger cutting size is why I wanted an Expression over the Cricut Create I currently share with my sister.  But oh goodness there are about 90 unique features I love which are new for this version of the Cricut!  Me and this baby we are going to be working up a storm with the holidays coming!

Then I scrounged up a bag of .99 silk leaves from Target (from last year)
And cut some leaves out of leaf and green paper again using my cricut!

Voila!  This is the view from my seat at the kitchen table - so purty!

In honor of fall and halloween - here is our mantle and its decor!

And the centerpiece of our dining room table!

My hubby really probably bought me the cricut so I would get into the fall spirit - this is his favorite time of year and he could not wait for the house to be all decorated.  The girls are really into it as well and just keep hugging me saying "mama we love the decorations it's so fun in here"!

What's your favorite time of year?


  1. you are going to LOVE the cricut! my mom has the expression and i have the small one (can't remember the name since it is in storage and i mostly use hers at the moment). it makes scrapbooking and other crafts so easy! the girls will love it too i am sure. bonus points for justin!

  2. Thanks! We are super stoked and have used it for a few things already! Next up we are helping a friend make some things for her nursery - hoping to post that next week!


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