Tomato Worm Invasion, Pumpkins, & More!

This is a tomato worm.
We were invaded this weekend by a dozen tomato worms.
Thankfully only two tomatoes got eaten - the rest was plants.
He is a mighty looking "worm".

On the other front - our pumpkins are growing - yahoo!
This one is actually twice as big today as yesterday.
We decided to pinch off all flowers and buds on this vine
in hopes of quickening his growth - so far so good! 

.828 lbs!

.703 lbs!

.734 lbs!

.75 lbs.
Too bad he didn't taste good - at all!

.094 lbs!

1.22 lbs!

.422 lbs

.74 lbs!
We let him get a little too big and he wasn't as juicy as he could
 have been but still great for our first ever cucumber!

1.04 lbs!

Weekly Total: 6.53 lbs!

Annual Total: 119.281 lbs of produce!


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