August Book Reviews

This book has come highly recommended not only by the media but also by many dear friends and family who enjoy reading as much as I do..Their recommendation was not lost on me - I read through the whole book in two days (yes I had a 9 hour airport/plane trip) it kept me extremely captivated.  I will say this book is not for the light of heart as there are some extremely disturbing sections - which I tried to skim through and read as fast as possible).  Calling this novel a mystery would be an understatement as there are multiple mysterious situation all at once and had my heart racing during many chapters.  The assignment the main characters partake upon brings an old traditional feeling into the novel yet the technology used to solve their dilemma surely brings you back to reality.  I enjoyed the plethora of characters whose histories were all very much different and yet suddenly wrapped together.  Stieg Larrson did a fabulous job on this one and I cannot wait for UPS to deliver the second in this series sometime this week!

On our Pennsylvania trip I also had the chance to read A Gift of Grace and felt it was timely considering we would be visiting Lancaster and Bird In Hand Pennsylvania (also known as Amish Country).  This novel was heartbreaking at times yet so amazingly intriguing keeping my heart yearning for the characters and depriving me of sleep as I read hour after hour to finish the story.  A story of two sisters thrown into the Amish world after the death of their parents this story captivates the differences two people with much in common can actually have and how to children of the same parents can be polar opposites.  The overall messages that the best answer may not be what you think and that you must open your heart and mind to listen to what God is trying to tell you no matter what you think you are hearing were great reminders in a time where so much noise fills our thinking/praying time.  Absolute must read for anyone who enjoys a faith filled, wholesome, novel.  P.S. This story is the first in a trilogy and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next two stories.

What books can you recommend?


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