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For the first time in ages I have a TON of books lined up to read - and not just books that appeared but books I absolutely positively am dying to read.  Now some of you have been asking: How in the world do you find time to read?  My answer is three fold

1. I read fast.  As in 75+ pages per hour (ok a boring book might be 45 pages per hour but only because I keep falling asleep).  Seriously I can read three books per one my husband reads.  I can tell you what happened in the book - he can tell you what page that happened on the book and recite quotes from it.

2. We *try* to have quiet reading time each day (or at least a couple of times a week) where we all read books together.  I want to be a great role model and showing them how much I love to read is the best method I could think of.  If I only read at night after they are in bed how are they ever going to know I love to read.  (Plus it is adorable that Big C now laughs while "reading" and otherwise mimics my responses to books).

3. The hubs and I read at night together.  My husband loves reading as much as I do so it is easy for us to make time for it.  We don't have cable television so it is not a distraction.

4. Ok there is a fourth - if I like a book I get super involved and feel like I am living with the characters which means I read whenever I can and will actually stay up late to finish a book!

So there you go the top 4 reasons I believe I can get so much reading in.  And yes I realize I am a geek, nerd, dork whatever you want to call me - I am proud of it!

The books I have finished in September (so far):

Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Gaurendi

This book has been on my to read list for quite some time and I finally sat down and got through it.  One thing I must say is I eventually began skipping the sections regarding teenagers - my kids are enough work now I don't want to deal with some of that stuff yet...if I can mold them now hopefully I won't ever have to read those (hahah).  Any ways I really enjoyed the question and answer style of this book as well as the references to stop and make us think about how we were raised and how people we admire were raised.  I sure knew the rules of the home and the consequences to breaking parents tell me parenting isn't easy but that I wasn't as difficult as most.  The real key point to take away from this book is that consistency is a must...without it there will be a constant battle since the kids don't know which answer you are going to give today.  Definitely a great book and one I will be keeping for reference as the years go on.

The Help:

This book has been recommended by everyone I know and everyone I don't know (seriously a lady at the park walked up and told me I had to read it - yes I attract them)!  Thankfully my neighbor had a copy I could borrow (thank you!) and well I finished it in under 3 days - it was absolutely fantastic.  While there was more chick drama than I usually care for, the setting of the book completely validated all drama.  The story of Eugenia sticking up for something she believed in was amazing and I absolutely love that she did it with help (pun intended).  My brain is always wondering things like "how does the person on the street corner view this situation" which is definitely the scope of this book and having a book written in so many personalities is something I have loved since reading The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver.  This book is on my top 10 recommendation list for this year that is for certain - and if you aren't the reading type please at least see the movie.

I normally ask for book recommendations at this point however I will put that on hold as I seriously have more than a dozen books lined up and waiting to be read!


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