To Die For Chive Mashed Potatoes

I LOVE potatoes - just so you know where we are starting off from.  The hubby, he loves potatoes too - if they are mashed, fried, twice baked, or in a stew - his words not mine.  Mashed potatoes are heavenly however plain old mashed potatoes must have gravy and well gravy can be a pain to make - especially when you always forget about it until oh I don't know when dinner is already on the table!  So one day I made up these potatoes (and maybe everyone already does this but I hadn't heard of them)!

Take about 5 potatoes
(out of the 10 lb bag - if you buy the BIG individual baking ones you probably need 2-3)

Peel your potatoes - then give them a good wash!

Chop them up (the smaller the pieces the quicker to cook).

Place in a pot and cover with water
(just so they are covered - again less water means faster cooking)

Bring to a boil.

Cover and cook on Medium Low Heat about 10 mins for small chunks
But basically until you can break them apart (easily) with a fork.

You will need a whole stick of butter!

Drain your potatoes.
We love this pot from Analon it has a draining lid - so awesome!

Add said stick of butter.

Add between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of milk - if it seems like a tad bit too much it's probably good!

Gather some chives while the butter melts
Or previously while the potatoes were cooking.

Once potatoes are slightly mashed - chop fresh chives directly into your pot.
Continue mashing until the consistency you prefer - totally mashed and creamy here!

Serve with your favorite food.
Fried Chicken and Corn over here!

Have any of you tried freezing already made mashed potatoes?
How do you re-heat them?
Any tips?

Thanks in advance!


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