Planting For Fall

Howdy folks - are you enjoying this Southern California semblance of Fall?  Warm days, cool evenings, an earthquake or so...yep we had an earthquake this morning...4.2 magnitude pretty close to our home!  We have been enjoying the cool down with nightly walks and the harvest of our squash and zucchini slowing down (seriously we had over 50 of each).  Plus this cooler weather means we are excited to get our fall crops planted (well we actually started planting last weekend)!

Here is a list of what we are growing this fall and how many we planted in 
each square of the square foot garden:

Carrots (16 per square)

Kale (1 per square)

Garlic (9 per square)

onions (9 per square)

Lettuce (4 per square)

Snap Peas (4 per square)

Broccoli (1 per square)

Cauliflower (1 per square)

No pictures available here. 
Spinach (1 per square)    Green Onion (16 per square)    Cilantro (4 per square)

Now we don't particularly eat winter squash or radishes but we may try brussels sprouts.  What are you growing this fall?


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