Garden Update!

Well hello there again folks - would you look at the beauty above!  We finally have a cucumber growing!  This is our second year trying to grow cucumbers and we have several of these deformed looking things on the plant - we are hoping they still taste fine which we have heard they will.  Any who the garden is thriving and loving these hot days and cool nights - about half of my fall crops sprouted this week and we have pumpkin flowers!  We probably won't have pumpkins ripe by Halloween (bummer) but hopefully shortly thereafter!  So here is our weekly weigh in:

.593 lbs of tomatillos 

 .91 lbs of cherry tomatoes

.297 lbs of cherry tomatoes

.266 lbs of produce

Our larger tomatoes are finally coming in!
1.5 lbs of tomatoes!

1.19 lbs of zucchini

.89 lbs of cherry tomatoes

.94 lbs of tomatoes

.04 lbs of thyme

.34 lbs of chiles
Yes the habeneros are in!

Total for the week: 6.97

Annual Total: 112.75 lbs!


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