Wicked By Gregory Maguire

The concept behind this book is brilliant and I only wish I had thought of it before Mr. Maguire!  A great book with lots of twists and returning characters I could not put it down.  It did have nice clean breaks though for when I had to put it down to um care for my kiddos and things!  In all actuality this actually took me two weeks to finish but the plot was always on my mind. 

This is a definite must read if you loved fairy tales growing up or if you just need a break from every day life (nothing in this book is ordinary).  An adult fairy tale that will make you feel like a kid again but in an adult way?!?  Maguire did an amazing job of connecting me with each and every character  and ofkeeping my feelings and emotions in tune with the book during the entire 400+ pages.

Great great novel! 

Can't wait to see the show - yep - ahhhhhhhhhh - I get to see Wicked - in Orange County! - Thank you Hubs!

Happy Reading,

As of All Trades

P.S. He has other books - I am in heaven!


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