Pantry Doohicky!

One of our criteria when house hunting was a pantry - perferably walk in - but definately a pantry and not just cabinets!   Then trying to organize the pantry I could not think of a way to explain what I wanted to the Hubs so I told him we needed a doohicky!  Well I meant a hook but of course I didnt want just a hook but a basket and multi hook combo! 

Enter the doohicky:

Somewhere to hang all of our aprons (can you tell we love to cook!) and store our cooking mixes/marinades.  Yep I do buy convenience things sometimes - mostly in the form of cake mixes or in this case marinades and seasoning packets.  Making Mongolian Beef from a packet is much much easier than from scratch and awesome on those days when we won't be home until right before dinner time!

Life is simple my friends - give me a pantry doohicky and I will be giddy every time I get my apron or make up a marinade - wahoooooo!

Thanks for reading,

Ash of All Trades


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