Photo Frame Project

A craft Big C did all on her own (well with adult supervision but no adult intervention)!

We took a wood fram from Michaels ($1), Some leftover paint from the Big C in the bathroom, Flowers from the gardland in Big C's room, 2 wood bows from who knows when and a bit of glue. 
Add a 3 year old and voila:

She did not want to paint the edges of the frame (hend the wood bottom) and she doesn't want to use it as a frame right now - she said maybe when she gets her pictures taken again she will put one of her and Little C.
It took a lot of talking down for my perfectionist self to not help her but she did this whole project on her own even picking out the frame and decorations to the clean up! 

I love it: $1 and an hour of determination for a masterpiece!


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