Our Groceries This Week

Here are our grocery trips for this week!


  • Gallon Whole Milk; Mountain High Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Franks Hot Sauce; Ralphs Diced Chilis;  Ralphs Mandarin Oranges;  Donettes for Mops;  Donettes for Girls;  Yoplait Yogurt;  Baking Potatoes;  Kiwi x 3;  Grapes;  Celery;  Cauliflower;  White Onion;  Bananas;  Cabbage; Carrots;  Chicken Breast; Chicken Thighs & Legs;  Stew Meat;  London Broil;  Raisinets x 2.
Total Spent: 48.27 Total Saved: 30.11
38.4% Savings


Canned Olives x 2;  Onion Soup/Dip Mix x 2; Canned Green Beans x 4; Syrup; Corned Beef Brisket; Nectarines x 2;  Pears x 3;  Plums x 5;  Baguette

Total Spent: 26.57  Total Saved: 19.78
42.9% Total Savings

Happy Wednesday,

Ash of All Trades


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