Grocery Shopping!

This was a great week for sales folks! And since I didn't have time to photograph my Ralphs or Albertson's Trips - here is a photo of my jam packed pantry (ok there are a few empty spots but this food would last us at least 3 months if we decided to do a pantry challenge):


2 Knudson Sour Creams;  3 Kool Aid Mixes; 4 Rice A Roni Boxes; 2 Lays Potato Chips; 6 Cans of S&W Diced Tomatoes; 6 Boxes Smart Taste Pasta; 4 Boxes Ronzoni Spaghetti; 1 Pound Strawberries; 2.5 Pounds Chuck Steak; and GASP NOT GROCERY: 2 11" Ceramic Pots
All For: $37.83
With a Savings of :   $54.53
% Savings: 59%


4 Boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios; 2 Boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
For: $7.28
Savings: 16.66
% Savings: 69.6%

Stater Brothers:

Loaf of Bread, Cottage Cheese, Orange Juice, Dozen Large Eggs, Cool Whip x 4, Frozen Corn x 2, Ronzoni Healthy Harvest x 4, Jello x 4, Tomato Sauce x 6, Tomato Paste x 2, Hot Dogs x 3, 3lbs Cuties.

Total: 30.99
Saved: 26.41
% Savings: 46%

Total Spent: 76.10 (about 1/4 of my monthly budget)
Total Saved: $97.60
Percent Savings: 56.12%

* Please remember I consider this super shopping one of my hobbies and do spend time clipping/printing coupons and pairing them with sales and browsing sale websites.  By sharing this information I hope to inspire others to save some money when they can!

Thanks for reading,

Ash of All Trades


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