Kale Chips

Many of you have been waiting for our kale chip update - my sincerest apologies (you will see what kept me busy tomorrow).  But here is the kale we cut from the garden:

6 1/4 Ounces of Kale!

We Tore them Up:

Placed them on a cookie sheet and drizzled olive oil and sea salt on them:

Bake them per the recipe above and voila!

Now I do think I over cooked them a tad (hence the browning in the picture above) and that I should have tore them into slightly bigger pieces but I always think there is some way to improve a recipe.

The most important thing is I thought they were pretty good (not a huge kale fan) but Little C and the Hubs LOVED them.  Like gobbled them up and asked for more...so this afternoon we will be making more!

Ash of All Trades


  1. When they were made on the show she said "make sure the kale is dry otherwise it will brown". Maybe that will help the color! Glad you had success.

  2. Thanks for the tip - that was probably my problem! I also tried to make a second batch with slightly wilting kale and yea that didn't work at all. So use fresh dry kale!


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