Lake Gregory California

This week we celebrated my birthday! (Which one I won't share ... hehe)!  Since the Hubs is the absolute best ever he ALWAYS takes the day off for my birthday!  Some years we lazily stay home and relax and some days we enjoy a special outing in celebration.  Well this year folks I was determined to introduce the Cs to the snow! 

Well I was determined a little before Christmas but as the days have worn on I just gave up on getting out there so to my surprise The Hubs kept prodding me to go and yesterday we decided at about 9:30 am to head to the mountains - eeeek how unplanned and how totally not me!

But alas we got bundled up:

Drove In the Car (lots of winding roads):

And started to see snow!

Heaven at last:

We had a blast Big C wouldn't stand still long enough for a pic and Little C gladly ate handful after handful of delicious white ice:

The Hubs made a huge snowman:
The ride home was peacefully quiet:

Snow angels for more for fun:

And we very much enjoyed our spur of the moment trip to the mountains.  I even commented that it was soooo enjoyable to not have been stressing and preparing for days before hand since I didn't know we were going.  Definitely going to make the drive again!

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Ash of All Trades


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