Garden Update - We Broke 100 LBS of Produce!

We are so thankful to have wonderful neighbors caring for our garden while we were gone!  Everything is thriving and doing well!  While the weight of the items harvested while we were gone is not present we have plenty of other harvests to capture (in fact to many to post)!  Also for one whole week I had no camera just a paper and pen to write down the weights...the abridged version of our previous 3 weeks of harvest!

Before our trip:

12.054 lbs or produce including above!

Since we returned we have harvested 15.1 lbs of produce including the above!

I do want to mention that while we were gone a squirrel decided to play in our backyard and ate 6-7 cantaloupes and our lone watermelon...we do now have two smaller watermelons growing and our tomatoes are finally coming in so be on the watch for those.  Now that we are home and enjoying our yard the squirrel has disappeared!!!  We also lost a few lemons and oranges to extreme winds but that is mother nature!

Dru,m roll please....
Our total for the past few weeks:  27.15 lbs

Our annual total: 105.78 lbs of Produce!


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