Blest with a Bountiful Garden

So thankful that we have been blessed with a home that allows us to garden 
and that our garden is actually thriving!

A bell pepper and yellow squash @ 1/2 lb

Cantaloupe @ 1.07 lbs

.047 lbs of chili's and tomatillos

There were two of these guys but we used one before weighing it
So double it to .92 lbs of zucchini

2.19 lbs of squash and zucchini

.367 lbs of squash and jalapenos

.195 lbs of cherry tomatoes and tomatillos

Chives & basil @ .06 lbs

.18 lbs of cherry tomatoes and tomatillos

Zucchini @ 2.06 lbs

.164 smorgasboard

2.234 lbs of cantaloupe

1.266 lbs of garlic

Total Week: 11.253 lbs of produce!

Total Annual: 62.173 lbs.


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