Garden Update - It keeps growing even when we're busy!

This week was super incredible as we spent a good portion of each day at church participating in Vacation Bible School!  Each afternoon or evening when we returned home we were pooped - but the garden is thriving and still needed care!  Here is what we harvested this week:

1.07 lb Cantaloupe

.46 lbs of Zucchini

.383 lbs of stuff!

.375 lbs of squash and our first bell pepper!

2.484 lbs of cantaloupe

1.453 lbs of cantaloupe

4.117 lbs of zucchini

.53 lbs of tomatillos

.492 lbs of tomatillos
(we made the best green salsa with these)

.133 lbs of cherry tomatoes

3.3 lbs of cantaloupe

.328 lbs of chiles and artichokes

.055 lbs of basil

.59 lbs of squash and zucchini

.39 lbs of stuff

.289 lbs of onions

Weekly Weight: 16.449 lbs
Annual Weight: 78.622


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