Chicken Parmigiana!

As many of you know our dating anniversary is New Year's Eve and on that very first date 7 years ago we went to Stadium Brewery in Aliso Viejo then watched movies at my parents house!  For a few year's after we continued going to the Brewery but once we had kids everything changed!  Every year since then I have recreated the meal Justin chose that night (and I now get every time we go) - Chicken Parmigiana - delicious!

Their chicken parm is the best and I haven't quite recreated an exact version but ours is pretty good!  The important thing is that they serve it with alfredo pasta mmmm mmmm good!

Chicken Parmigiana:
2 eggs
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup bread crumbs (seasoned)
1/2 tsp italian seasoning (if bread crumbs aren't seasoned)
1 cup flour
1.5 lbs chicken thighs or breasts
Marinara or Pasta Sauce
Shredded or slice mozzarella
cooked pasta
alfredo sauce (store bought or see below recipe)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1. Lightly beat 2 eggs in a bowl - set aside
2. Place flour in separate bowl
3. Mix parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and italian seasoning in a third bowl
4. Dip chicken in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs
5. Place in greased pyrex dish and bake 30 minutes
6. Pour marinara/pasta sauce over chicken then sprinkle on mozzarella
7. Bake additional 10-15 minutes and serve next to alfredo pasta

To make Alfredo Sauce (actually Parmesan Pasta Sauce)

1. Boil 1 cup water
2. Add 1/2 block of cream cheese, 2tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp lemon pepper seasoning, 1/2 tsp basil, 1/2 tsp parsley, 1 garlic clove, and 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese.
3. Combine until mixing then microwave for 1 minute or heat through on stove top.
4. Serve over cooked pasta.

After searching my computer I realized I don't have a picture of this meal - bummer!  But please try it because it is great!

Much Ado,
Ash of All Trades


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