For about a year now I have been itching to get a bread maker and make some homemade bread.  Well I am so loved that for Christmas I received two!  Now we will take one back and get some more awesome kitchen gadgets (like a food scale so I can track the produce we grow in our garden this year) but one we will keep and I get to make homemade bread!

This past Sunday we spent some time getting to know our bread maker by making some Garlic Bread sticks.  Bread sticks only use the kneading element of a bread maker but we thought we should start with something basic! 

Ahh perfect heaven!

Now in preparation for using our bread machine I did buy Bread Flour and Yeast this week.  In my research I found a ton of people who say bread flour and bread machine yeast don't need to be used but others say it does so I am using the real deal!  (And for anyone else who makes bread Ralphs brand Bread Flour -unbleached - is on sale for 1.99 this week). 

So here we are watching the kneading process start:

And one just because it is cute:

And here is the final product:

So there it is - my newest kitchen gadget!  A design to help me be more self sustainable and provide healthy homemade food for my family!  Slowly we will start making more types of bread! Oh and the bread sticks were absolutely delicious - we had planned on freezing half for another day but we ended up eating about 2/3rds of them.

Here's to a great first Monday of the year,
Ash of All Trades


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