New Year New Goals!

Normally taking down my Christmas decorations bums me out.  I look forward to the holidays and family time then bam it is over!  This year I am really enjoying taking down the decorations, deep cleaning some rooms in the house and planning for a really awesome 2015.

Throughout the year of 2014 I felt like I wasn't accomplishing a whole lot.  Each time I did a project or finished something it felt great but I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere.  In hindsight it is because I didn't sit down and set any written goals.  I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere because I didn't have a checklist to cross off.  The only goal I felt I had accomplished was running a full marathon and even then I wasn't thrilled with my time. 

But last year was a great year and I thoroughly enjoyed our more "free spirit" functioning - in fact it is probably how we thrived during such a busy time full of ups and downs and lots of personal growth I just want to track my progress and see my goals being checked off.   For 2015 though I am setting written goals not only because this year is already jam packed but because there are certain things I want to accomplish in life and if I keep letting each year fly by I probably won't gain much traction. 

So many thanks to my hubby for pushing me to get that marathon done and off of my life goals list and many thanks to him for taking time to have a family goal planning meeting.  We started thinking about goals early this year and talked many times about them as a family.  We talked about how they would affect everyone - marathon training last year had a huge impact on everyone since mama was often running or recovering)! 

Without further ado here are my goals for this year:

1. Read 25 books
2. Earn the President's Service Award (100 hours of service)
3. Finish Carlee's Quilt
4. Run a Half Marathon in under 2 hours
5. Catch up on my photo books.
6. Amend soil so that my berry plants actually grow (must figure out how first)
7. Can jam/jelly (I almost always do this and last year it didn't happen)
8. Run a 10k in 48 minutes or less.
9. Meal Plan Every Single Month
10. Make Christmas Placemats for Dining Room
11. Bake 2 snack items per month
12. Teach Chloee to sew
13. Write on my blog twice per week.
14. Organize my closet permanently.

I originally wanted to start with 15 goals as in 2015.  I later decided these 14 were great goals and to leave myself leeway to add things later in the year when life may have added or changed some perspectives.  There you have it folks 15 things I want to intentionally set out to do.  Other things will definitely come up and change and I might not hit every one of these goals but they give me a purpose in deciding how to spend my time during this next year.

I will be back with more on setting goals with kids - ours had a fabulous time doing this last week and have since been working daily to hit certain goals.  Definitely a life lesson worth learning!

- Ash of All Trades


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