Kids Goals

Well I am back again and this time with a post on kids goals!  Yep we included our kids in our 2015 goal planning session.  We began talking about goals at Christmas time and kept the talk up until the 1st of January - then we sat down and wrote down our goals.

Here are their goals:

Big C age 7-8 in 2015
1. Run a 5k
2. Learn to read at 11th grade level
3. Reach 100 miles for the 100 mile club
4. Earn the Presidents Service Award
5. Make 50 Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Sell 20 of them.

Middle C age 5-6 in 2015
1. Learn to rollerblade
2. Learn to swim
3. Run a 1 mile kids fun run
4. Learn to read at 2nd grade level
5. Earn the President's Service Award

Little C age 2-3 in 2015
1. Learn letters and numbers
2. Learn colors and shapes
3. Learn to ride a tricycle/scooter
4. Start a class like gymnastics, ballet, etc.
5. Have 500 books read to her.

They are so excited about their goals and have been working almost everyday on at least one of them.  Little C got herself up and dressed on the 2nd and came running into our room telling us need learn ride tricycle! 

It is cute to see them so excited and also to see that some of their goals they might not accomplish this year - swimming is going to be iffy because we don't have a pool and we haven't had luck with swim lessons.  Maybe since it is on the list we will figure it out this year!

What goals do your kids have?  Do you remember any goals from when you were a kid?

- Ash of All Trades


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