2014 Recap and Where Did Time Go?

Wow it has been a long time since I have last blogged and a lot has happened since December 2011!   I honestly thought I hadn't blogged in only maybe a year not 3!!!!!!!!!  I now have 3 beautiful daughters (actually I stopped blogging when morning sickness hit with my third)! Big C is in 2nd Grade, Middle C is in Kindergarten, and my baby is already 2!  Time sure does fly! I am sadly going to skip over 2012 and 2013 and just do a recap of 2014. 

2014 was an amazing year for our family with a lot of growing and doing.  While I feel that we were ridiculously busy; in hindsight everything had meaning and shaped us in some way.  When we do have down time (like the last week and a half) we almost don't know what to do with ourselves.  I am going to try and remind myself during this next year that keeping busy is a good thing (as long as it doesn't take over) - it makes us appreciate our down time so much more and it helps keep us away from things like laziness, too much TV, and or boredom. 

So here is 2014 in a recap.  Yes it was an amazing year!

Started out the New Year and really enjoyed a break from sports and holidays.  Enjoyed dinners with Auntie and Baby Jack.

I also started using my new sewing machine I received for Christmas and sewed two Girl Scout cookie costumes.  We had a Carmel d'lite and a Thanks A Lot running around for 8 weeks!

I ran my first ever half marathon!  This was a huge accomplishment and was a step towards my ultimate life goal of running a full marathon plus I ran it 20 minutes faster than I had anticipated.  My dad was able to come with me and watch me cross the finish line!

Mid-month Justin helped his brother move to Texas, while it was sad to see them go it is an amazing opportunity for them and we are so glad that they were able to embark on their new adventure.

I had a great birthday with family.  Caylee turned 5 and celebrated with a Snail party with our family and friends.  Our little ball of energy constantly amazes us and it seems like just yesterday she was born.

My grandma Ludie was experiencing health issues this whole year and we finally had to accept that she needed full time care.  She was placed in a convalescent hospital and we started taking her lunch a couple times a month.

Chloee turned 7 this month and it was a shocking revelation.  We couldn't believe that 7 years had passed since we became parents.  She is so much like her daddy but yet has several habits that are spitting images of mommy!  She had a ninja turtle party at her grandparents and celebrated her birthday and PopPops at Farrells!

This month I hit my life goal and ran a full marathon.  While my time was no where near my hopes I am thrilled to have hit this goal and can say I am amazed that my body could do something so crazy.

The day before my marathon my dad left for New Orleans to await a liver transplant.  On May 16th we received the call that an exact donor had been found.  May 17th is a day we will always be thankful for and we keep our donor and his family in our constant prayers.  The miracle of life was given and our dad was able to start his journey towards healing.

At the end of the month we welcome our nephew/Godson and couldn't have been more thrilled to see the family expanding!  He is such an awesome little guy!

This was an awesome month for us.  My dad was released from the hospital's care and sent home to California.  The day after they arrived home our family of 5 plus my sister embarked on a 9 day trip starting with a straight through over night drive to Oregon for Andrew's college graduation.

While my parents weren't able to attend due to dad's health condition we were thrilled to be there to support him and takes lots of pictures.  I got to play the crazy emotional "mom" role and played it well crying like a baby when he walked across the stage. 

We spent nine amazing days in Oregon, San Francisco and then Hearst Castle.  We saw some amazing sights, enjoyed sibling bonding time, and took the girls and Justin to 2 new states.  Our adventures during those nine days would normally take weeks but we woke early and stayed up late seeing something new every minute.  We were exhausted when we returned home and my sister has vowed to never vacation with us again but it was worth it for the memories made!

Before we left Chloee's Girl Scout troop earned the top Service Award for our area and I couldn't have been more proud to be their leader and to see how much they have grown.  We also bridged the girls to Brownies and held an investiture for our new Daisy troop.  Yes 2 troops!

Chloee lost her first baby tooth this month!  She was soo excited and the new one grew in in about a week!  She wasn't toothless for long!

Caylee started Kindergarten this month!!!!  Chloee is now in 2nd grade and life with 2 kids in school was an adjustment.  Carlee absolutely cried for a couple of weeks trying desperately to get her sisters to stay home.  Both girls LOVE school and are excelling in all they do. 

Carlee turned 2 and I just cannot believe it.  Where did 2 years go - it is even harder because she thinks she is a big girl like her sisters.  Nothing Carlee won't try and boy does she keep us on our toes!  I am making Carlee a twin sized quilt for her birthday and while it isn't done it is the most sewing I have ever done in my life and it is turning out great - only thing left is the binding.

Soccer was in full swing and between that and starting a second Girl Scout troop.  Yes I now have a 1st year Brownie troop and a 1st year Daisy troop (don't ask or remind me that I have a 3rd daughter).  Life got a little crazy and I felt like we never stopped this month.

The girls are off track and boy are we enjoying it.  We enjoyed our traditional weekend in Crestline and hanging out.  Enjoyed our first trip to Pretend City and can't believe I haven't gone before. 

In the middle of the month I ran my 3rd race of the year - the Long Beach Half and earned the Beach Cities Medal.  It was a momentous day as my father in law joined me for the race and ran his first half ever.  We were all so proud of him and glad we could celebrate with him.  It was a joyous occasion as my parents were able to watch me finish and my dad placed the Beach Cities medal around my neck.  I started running because of him and was glad he could be there with me. I also almost broke the 2 hour mark for the race and have now set that as my goal for 2015.

We started the month off baptizing our godson and it was a joyous occasion!  He was the cutest baby there!  We are so thankful to be his godparents!

While I started sewing a lot this year (making doll sleeping bags and tents) November saw the most sewing.  I replaced our store bought stockings with homemade stockings this year and the girls were thrilled to pick their own fabric.  I also sewed table tents for Tess and Carlee and they LOVE them.

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving and then a second Thanksgiving with my family.  We celebrated a lot and really enjoyed our family time.  As usual we went to the Zoo on black Friday and had a blast!  Sad to see our zoo passes expire!

This month flew by what with Thanksgiving being so late.  It only went faster as we celebrated Tamale Day then Christmas with the Guerras in the same weekend.  My in laws flew to Texas for Christmas and while it was great for them we did miss them.  Chloee asked Santa to bring her Uncle Tio home for Christmas and she was disappointed when it didn't happen. 

The sad thing this month was learning that Caylee has sleep apnea and will need a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy in the New Year.  The poor thing has trouble sleeping and is exhausted by 2pm every day.  Hopefully the procedure will provide relief and she can start to enjoy her afternoons more!

Christmas was beautiful this year and we felt that the year had been full of great accomplishments.  We can't wait to see what 2015 brings us and have set some awesome goals for this next year!

My next post will include some goals for the next year and some things I learned this past year!
(one of my goals is to blog again - I really miss writing)

Man it feels good to be writing again.  Even if only for my own eyes!


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