Back to the Basics: A Few Book Reviews


     Having visited Pennsylvania Dutch Country recently I have been on a big Amish novel kick.  While this infatuation of mine definitely stemmed from visiting the area I really do believe my continued love for these novels is the simplicity of life.  Now don't get me wrong, no one's life is simple, however there are so many endearing qualities of Amish life.  Lot's of family, nature, and quiet time.  Tons of home cooked food and fresh grown produce.  No wondering what to wear or how much gas will cost this week.  Yes they deal with having to hand wash everything, hand make everything, and the physical labor of growing their own crops - it's not candy land but it is just really gratifying to sink into that world of theirs and know that my heart yearns for many of their tightly held principles (obviously technology is not one of them).  Without further ado here are my reviews for the second and third books in the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis.

The Judgment:

     In this thrilling sequel we follow Rose Kauffman and her family's stories as they deal with a simple lifestyle.  Rose a true hearted Amish girl is tested in love and in faith as she struggles to see how other's potentially allow their faith to fall behind.  As her sister Hen also struggles through a major life crisis it is great to see family rally around one another.  With many trials and tribulations in this part of the series you are sure to be begging for the final installment.
The Mercy:

     The final installment of the Rose Trilogy this story solves all of the loose ends and provides many twists and turns all the way through the final pages. While some of the plot lines are easy to guess ahead some of the details are so surprising and left my heart feeling warm.  This series painted the picture of a girl with a big heart who honestly wants to follow her faith and her dreams all at once.  The conclusion is very final which is a huge relief in a series like this and it all makes me want to go live in or near an Amish town. 

Overall I delighted in all of the characters, tests, and transformations that occurred during this series and look forward to reading more Beverly Lewis novels in the future.

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