Helpful Hint for Lunches

One thing I have found with lunches is that if we plan what to eat we end up with leftovers if I don't plan then we scramble (sometimes eggs)!  What I usually do now is have some go to ideas. 

When I make pasta for dinner one night I make plenty of extra for a lunch or two for me and the girls!  I also make a batch of hardboiled eggs for egg salad or to eat plain.  Having beans one night make extra and keep them in the fridge they make great burritos, tacos, or go in salads etc. 

Thinking ahead saves me time later - I can do the opposite to - if we want pasta for lunch but need it for dinner make extra.  Chopping things for lunch/dinner chop extra for another day! 

This makes things go smoother and keeps me from cooking three meals from scratch each day. 

Just a handy tip I have realized makes my life sooooo much easier.


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