Happy New Year's Eve!

Today is a day to say goodbye to 2010!  The girls and I spent the day cleaning up the remaining Christmas decor and preparing for a new year.  To say that I am happy for 2010 to be over is an understatement.  This year brought with it:

- My Baby turned 1!
-Very long and scary hospital stay for my dad.
- My First born turned 3!
- 7 close deaths; six of which were to cancer and four of which occurred after Halloween.
- Several new babies were born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-My sister started college in Arizona (UofA)
- Justin went to Pennsylvania for the first time.
- Justin & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!
- We went on our 1st trip without the girls!

And much much more.  This year was a mixed year some happy happy times and some very frightening times yet I can't say that it was a BAD year - if anything it was a year of growth and strength and most importantly BLESSINGS!

As we close this year I feel completely blessed to live the life I live and to have the opportunity to raise my two girls and spend my time as a wife and mother. So this year I hope for a fully Happy and less eventful year.

Tonigth we will celebrate our start - Justin asked me to be his girlfriend 7 years ago tonight!  Now that we have the girls and Justin has a commute we plan to celebrate our traditional date night at home.  We will be enjoying Chicken Parmigiana, bread, and salad tonight then watching a movie for old times sake (look for a recipe in the next few days)! 

Hope you all have a wonderful night and a Happy (and less eventful) New Year.  Tomorrow's post will highlight what I am most excited about for next year!

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