Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

Recently our 5 year old under went a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and I thought I would share some tips and tricks of the process - you know in case you find yourselves in our situation.  Now first and foremost none of this is medical advice.  This is maternal advice - advice from one mom to another.

Prepping -

We didn't tell our daughter she was having surgery.  She loathes doctors and hospitals and can stress herself out pretty well.  Literally she didn't even ask at the surgery center so we just let it be.  She did great this way and has not questioned us.  Her older sister however was sad that we didn't tell her.  Hindsight - I would do it exactly the same way!

Post Surgery:

We were told she would need a cold liquid(ish) diet for 24 hours.  What we weren't told is that she shouldn't eat anything with red dye for 3-10 days after the procedure.  This is in case of bleeding - we need to be able to spot it as blood not food right away.

Shaved ice
Jello (no red)
Popsicles (no red)
Apple Juice
Otter Pops
Ice Cream

Honestly by 48 hours she was sick of these foods and wanting regular food again.  I was paranoid mom and kept her with pretty soft foods for 10 days (the time frame for the scab to come off).  Hindsight - I would still do it this way!

This surgery cleared her "sleep apnea".  She sleeps so well at night now I had to confirm she was breathing the first 2 weeks because I was in shock.  She is so much happier and well rested.  Extra bonus some of her speech and hearing issues (undiagnosed) have improved.  Her teacher even commented that she is better able to pronounce things and to sound things out.  It is amazing what this procedure did for her and I am so glad we had everything done!

Good luck and feel free to ask questions if you have any!  Again this is just mommy advice!

- Ash of All Trades


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