Advent Traditions

Our Nativity Scene
Which we often stop and talk about all of the pieces and the story.
The girls also have a little people set that they can play with.

Every year we look forward to the holiday season.  It begins with Halloween and moves rather quickly to Thanksgiving.  We try hard to enjoy these days in and of themselves but part of us is secretly excited that soon it will be the Christmas season.  Now in the true religious sense the Christmas season doesn't begin until midnight mass on Christmas eve.  The season that truly lies between Thanksgiving and Christmas days is Advent.  As a family we have been trying to instill some advent traditions which enlighten us to the true meaning of Christmas: the birthday of Jesus.  Please don't kid yourself when you think we don't also fall into the hustle and bustle of modern Christmas season: shopping, decorating, baking, eating to much - yep we do that too - we just try to also have some fun memories of the season's real meaning.

Advent Calendar. 
Every day we open a box, read a scripture, and place a person,
star, or animal on the magnet board.

Advent Wreath
Just like at church we light these candles and discuss their meaning.
Since we only light these on Sunday's it is a reminder of the four weeks before Christmas.

Jesse Tree

This year we were attempting to do a Jesse tree however due to some hectic scheduling we have fallen behind and may have to try again next year.

During this time of Advent we also make sure to discuss giving to others and make a point to donate food to the needy, toys for our church's toy drive, and visit a convalescent home with some goodies for those who are homebound.  The Lord gave us the greatest gift on Christmas day and it is with that in mind that we should celebrate this season.  Sure have some eggnog, decorate the tree, and make a wishlist - but also take a moment to think about why.

And to everyone even if you aren't the religious type please have a very Merry Christmas!


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