About Me

Hello all! 

My name is Ashlee and I live in sunny SoCal with my hubby (of 10.5 years) and three little girls: Big C at 9 and Middle C is 7 and Little C is 3.5.  I enjoy reading, running, writing, cooking, and finding great deals.  I was born with a passion for learning and research things like crazy.  I LOVE and have a great passion for my faith and my family - they come first in life - the rest is nice but definitely extra.

I am trying to live a life not run by society and materialistic ways; a life that is a little more back to the basics.  We enjoy family time and "old fashioned activities" (gardening, canning, making homemade every thing etc).  We don't have cable T.V (and don't miss it) and want to raise kids who have morals and ethics, who can entertain themselves, and who have a passion for life.   We want them to love things like hula hoops, fishing and Little House on the Prairie. 

Most of all I just want to do the best that I can with the time and other resources I am given; whether that is being a child of God, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, or a blog writer.  As a wife and mom I feel that I have many jobs - thus the name Ash of All Trades - I am not just a mom nor just a wife but a woman of many roles.  I hope you enjoy my journey through motherhood and life. 

A motto I like to follow is: There is always something more to do and something better to want but enjoying who you are with and what you have will make for a contented heart and a happy home!

Feel free to leave comments I would love to get to know my readers better!  Don't be shy about telling me how my blog is! 

My e-mail address for more private matters: ashofalltrades@gmail.com

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