The purpose of this blog is to provide knowledge and ideas to fellow moms who are women of all trades.  Whether you are a future mom, mom of a preschooler, or a grandmom this blog will hopefully inspire and educate you on the life this mom here! 

All information contained in this blog is either my opinion or something I believe or trust in.  Most everything posted will be based upon my research upon the topic and be what I believe to be the best option (unless otherwise stated) but that does not mean you will feel the same way!  To every story there is indeed two sides - if you don't agree with something posted feel free to e-mail me at ashofalltrades@gmail.com with a source of counter opinion and I will make sure to read it!  Otherwise we can agree to disagree!

There will be links throughout my blog - some will take you to a website where your click through or purchase produces revenue or points for this site and myself (such as Amazon.com Associates program or Swagbucks referal points).  I will not put a link unless it is to a product or company which I myself use and approve of and your information will never be sold or distributed in any way by me.

I hope you continue to enjoy this blog and its content and am always up for suggestions as to new material or information you wish to see!

Thank you for reading,

Ash of All Trades

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